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The 31st Annual Bowers Mansion Bluegrass Festival is coming soon! It will be August 12-14, 2016 at Historic Bowers Mansion in Washoe Valley, just south of Reno, Nevada. Tickets are available now! In advance they're just $20 through August 8th for anyone over 12 years old, whether you're a member of NNBA or not! Children 12 & under are free! You can't beat it. After August 8th or at the gate tickets are $25! Click on the image above to go to the Festival site and get your tickets now! Remember your ticket is your Paypal Receipt and are not refundable.

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Join us for our bi-monthly Bluegrass Workshop/Jam 

It's held at the First Congregational Church of Reno.

627 Sunnyside Drive, Reno, NV  89503

Jams are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

A Great Big 'Howdy, Y'all' to the NEW NNBA Members!!

Name                                       Instrument du Jour                                       Month Joined

Jilleen Leal-Turria                    Vocals, Mando, Percussion                            May, 2016

Craig Catton                            Mandolin, Guitar, Bass                                   May, 2016

Randy Wilson                          Mandolin                                                         May, 2016

Sandra Luce                                                                                                   April, 2016

Reggie Palm                            Bass                                                               March, 2016

Roxanna Dunn                                                                                               March, 2016

Beverly Palfreyman                                                                                        March, 2016

James Cole                                                                                                    February, 2016

Vincent DelPizzo                                                                                            February, 2016

Sam Johnson                           Bass                                                              February, 2016

Sue & George Churchill                                                                                 February, 2016

Vicki Rinehart                           Rick R.                                                          February, 2016

Caitlin Ellis                               Mandolin, Guitar, Dobro                                February, 2016

Elizabeth Hermansen              Fiddle                                                            February, 2016

Tim Miller                                Guitar                                                             Jan 16

Luke Ramsdell                       Mandolin                                                        Jan 16

Tim Bardisley                                                                                               Jan 16

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The NNBA receives support from The Nevada Arts Council, a division of the Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

​​​​So Many Tunes. . . So Little Time

The Bowers Mansion Bluegrass Festival is Coming SOON! Check it out


Bid a great Welcome and Yahoo to our new           Members listed at the bottom of this here page!!!

Welcome to the Home of the Northern Nevada Bluegrass Association. (NNBA) Our organization is dedicated to promoting and preserving bluegrass, old-time, traditional and related folk music, acoustic music from a common American Heritage.

Bi-Monthly NNBA Bluegrass Workshop/Jam

Bowers Mansion Bluegrass Festival Tickets are Available at the Gate, cash or Credit Cards accepted.