August 18 - 20, 2017

The Other Things to Know about the Festival

     Keeping checking this page!!! We'll post information on Vendors, Displays, Camping info,

                     The Great Friday Night Concert at the Davis Creek Campground followed by jamming after the concert,

 Saturday Night Jamming, and the Sunday Morning Gospel Show!


Saturday Festival Performance Schedule


                         9:00        Welcome Announcements, Presentation of the colors and the National Anthem

                         9:20  10:00 Monday Night Volunteers

                        10:15 11:00 Sage Creek

                        11:10 11:55 Suspect Terrane

                        12:05 12:35 The Notables

                        12:45 1:30  Mosquito Road

                        1:40  2:10  Leah Bowen and The Sour Mash Band

                        2:20  3:20  Sonoran Dogs

                        3:30  4:30  J2B2 (John Jorgensen Bluegrass Band)

                        4:45  6:00  Blue Highway


Friday Night

It's gonna be at the Davis Creek Campground Amphitheater. It'll start somewheres around 7:00 p.m.

There'll also be jammin' after the concert so, bring your instruments.

You should be there! We'll be waitin' fer ya! Well, at least till 7.

The price is great, It's Free!


Sunday Morning Gospel Show

'Sunday Go To Meeting' band is the headliner, so's put on them speshul Sundy clothes, and come for this

non-denominational Gospel show. It'll be at that there Davis Creek Campground Amphitheater

and crank up about 10:00 in the mornin'




Camping is available on Friday and Saturday nights in the Group Area of the Davis Creek Campground for a donation!!

Please remember it's First Come, First Served!


Large rigs may not fit in the group site. (You might consider getting a reservation in the regular camping area)

There's always room for tents!

We're asking that anyone who is camping park your rig and then park in the lower parking lot.

Space is at a real premium! (That's fancy talk fer "There ain't much!)


Any of those questions you have which are tickling the back of yore neck,

call Zona at (775) 771-6347 or



Volunteers for the Security Posse

We are looking for several more volunteers to assist in our Festival security.  The work is more in the way of assisting festival goers in finding their way and doing the right things than in herding cats (we hope).  You get to come to the event for free and you get a free 2017 Bowers Festival t-shirt and lunch from one of our food vendors.

If you are interested please contact Steve Gallagher at (760) 709-0181 or


Merchandise Vendors at Bowers this year will include:


We'll have this for ya soon!


Food Vendors at Bowers this year will be:


We'll update this soon!





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