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Northern Nevada

and Northern California Bands

Local Entertainment

and Bands for Hire

Check it out! More local bands than you can shake a walkin' stick at.


Acoustic Solutions           Front Porch        Hick'ry Switch             Little City String Band

Monday Night Volunteers       Rattlesnake Mountain Boys          Ricochet          Sage Creek

        Sierra Silverstrings          Sierra Sisters        Sierra Sweethearts         Suspect Terrane

          Unionville Acoustic Band          Westwind             Wyatt Troxel "Wyliecoot"

Front Porch 

After meeting at summer porch jams for a few years, it was befitting for Michael Chambon, (banjo, dobro, vocals) Jilleen Leal (percussion, vocals) & Kraig Catton (guitar, vocals) to come together in their namesake!  Front Porch has been playing locally now for the past year, enjoying venues from Tahoe, to Carson City, Genoa & Virginia City!  Front Porch's tag line speaks to their genre-busting repertoire: “Renegade Bluegrass, Roots Country, & Acoustic whatnot”.  Their three-part harmonies

will thrill & delight & their edgy alternatives will surprise & entertain!  From Bill Monroe to Bob Wills to Pink Floyd, Front Porch's selection of fresh and innovative tunes, combined with their free-spirited solos, & playful audience interaction will leave you wanting more & more!


For bookings call Michael @ 775-315-3974 or email mchambon@charter.net

Call Jilleen @ 775-790-2745 or email mamahummers@hotmail.com

Call Kraig @ 530-577-1444 or email kraig@tinpanalley.com












Acoustic Solution is a multi-instrumental duo/trio, bringing a refreshing diversion from expected rock/pop/folk bands. Performing in their current form since 2003, their music is defined by the collection of instruments they bring to the stage. Six and twelve string guitars, lap-steel, fiddle, mandolins, banjo, bass, congas, various hand drums, traditional drums and percussion, piano, and harmonies supply interesting and constantly changing entertainment.

email us at: as@acousticsolutionmusic.com

phone: (775)783-8213


Monday Night Volunteers












The Monday Night Volunteers is Northern Nevada's oldest and most respected bluegrass band.  These musicians have given tirelessly of themselves to Reno and neighboring communities, bringing music and smiles to listeners for many years.  The MNV will entertain you with plenty of stories, laughs and lots of good, toe-tappin' music!


For bookings, contact Tex Tankersley: ditextank@att.net

Hick'ry Switch










Mark and Katie Johnson     Mike Suglia     Cory King


For more information


Mark & Katie Johnson at (775) 885-8850.


Website: www.hickryswitch.com









Glancing off the experiences of their previous bands,  RICOCHET presents a great vocal and instrumental blend to delight audiences of all ages.  They are known for their Bluegrass, Fiddle & Banjo Tunes,

Old West Classics and Sweet Ballads.


KAREN: Lead and harmony vocals, bass. Musical background: “Music was always around me, as a child. Dad played a “squeeze box” accordion at family gatherings.  My sister, Barb was into Bluegrass in Colorado and she and her Bluegrass friends were a big influence. When she passed away, I was inspired to “carry on” so I started pickin’ and singing too!”


KATHI: Lead and harmony vocals, guitar. Musical background:  “I started playing Folk Music on my brother’s home-built guitar and I’ve been strumming ever since.”   She began playing Bluegrass in 1994 when she joined in the pickin’ with the Northern Nevada “Monday Night Volunteers”.


RENEE: Lead and harmony vocals, fiddle. Musical background: A classically trained violinist at an early age, Renee crossed over to the Bluegrass-Americana side of music several years ago and what a giant leap that was!

Renee has recently opened up Mountain Music Parlor, Reno’s first Folk Music Learning Center. She teaches fiddle and coordinates The Parlor including instructor lessons, concerts and jams.


RICK:  Lead and harmony vocals, banjo, guitar, mandolin, dobro and pedal steel guitar. Rick teaches most stringed instruments as well as Jam Classes.

Musical background: In addition to singing in church choirs at an early age, Rick began playing banjo at age 13. In college he was in The “New Generation Singers” who were featured on The Mike Douglas Show!


NORM: Mandolin and harmony vocals. Musical Background: His Mom got him started with piano lessons at age 11. He picked up the banjo during his residency in Dallas, Texas and played in a band there for 8 years before taking up the mandolin several years ago.


Contact: Rick Sparks:  rick-sparks.com

email: banjo47@hotmail.com

Sage Creek












Sage Creek is comprised of veteran musicians from many different musical genres.  They pull songs from an entertaining blend of roots and Americana music: folk, country, Celtic, rock and blues, all with a healthy bluegrass spin.


Steve Gallagher: mandolin and vocals

Dennis Grundy: mandolin, guitar and vocals

Annie Pinkerton: bass and vocals

Sharon Tetly: dobro, guitar and vocals

Phillip McGill: guitar and vocals


For bookings, contact Steve Gallagher:  baconrinds@yahoo.com


Like us on Facebook!



Sierra Sisters










The Sierra Sisters blend sweet vocal harmonies

with mandolin, mandola, guitar and bass.

Long-time friends Lynn Zonge and Kristell Moller

share their love of bluegrass, blues and folk music with audiences

by exploring a wide range

of traditional and contemporary songs and instrumentals.

775-843-7928 or 775-720-5872

Rattlesnake Mountain Boys











For bookings, contact Tex Tankersley: ditextank@att.net

Sierra Silverstrings











Members: The McNeil kids and special guests. Inspired by Mama's Wranglers, aka Kid Fiddlers, from Las Vegas, these fiddling kids continue to add to their folk repertoire.

Sierra Silverstrings would love to play at your next event!

Contact Eve McNeil: 775-287-3391 www.sierrasilverstrings.com


The Sierra Sweethearts









Among their favorite things, the Sierra Sweethearts like to count laughing and drinking wine...  But don't be fooled by their irreverence; what the Sweethearts do best is make heavenly music together!  Bluegrass, Americana, Old Time, Folk, Pop, Country, Do-Wop; they do it all and will charm you with their fine picking, fancy fiddling, lilting vocals and sweet harmonies.


(775) 843-7928

Unionville Acoustic Band










Unionville plays acoustic bluegrass and Americana music in the Reno/Sparks/Lake Tahoe area, by some of the best old-timers and newcomers of the Northern Nevada Bluegrass Association. Features banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and stand-up bass, playing music from ballads to hoedowns to the blues, waltzes to two-steps to downright boogie. Available for private parties, weddings, conventions...

Members: Jim Buehler, Neil Linden, Joseph Martini,

Reggie Palm, Ron Warren

Bookings:  1fiddler@sbcglobal.net

Wyatt Troxel "Wyliecoot"











Wyatt Troxel has played and taught solo, fingerstyle acoustic guitar for over 50 years. When performing, he combines great melodies with narrative tales, and he demonstrates and discusses the techniques he uses in crafting his arrangements.  While he has written many original tunes, he loves to create compelling solo guitar arrangements of established tunes, always with a great melody;

many not originally written for guitar,

such as the "Star Spangled Banner," or "When You Wish upon a Star.”




Suspect Terrane









Suspect Terrane performs an entertaining eclectic spectrum of acoustic music, drawing on the influences of bluegrass, western swing, folk, and rock, and pulling it all together with rich vocal harmonies. The Suspects have been bringing their music to northern Nevada and northern California audiences since 2009, playing at great venues including the Bowers Mansion Bluegrass Festival, The Americana Music Festival, the Brewery Arts Center, opening for the great Steve Kaufman, Genoa Concerts on the Green, Bartley Ranch Come in from the Cold Series, and the Genoa Old Time Music Festival plus a variety of other special events and favorite watering holes.


You can find out more about Suspect Terrane and keep up with performances by visiting them at Facebook:


Suspect Terrane is also on YouTube:


For bookings, please contact:

Brad Hart – (775) 315-0605 – barthart73@att.net

Lynn Zonge – (775) 720-5872 – lynnzonge3@gmail.com
















For information or booking contact Rick Sparks at banjo47@hotmail.com or (775) 233-0122,

or visit


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