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Welcome to the Northern Nevada Bluegrass Association Membership Page.

Any person interested in the purposes for which the Association has been formed is eligible for membership

and may become a regular member of the Association upon payment of dues.


                “Single membership” is one adult member and is entitled to one vote.

                “Family membership” is two adult members using one mailing address and is entitled to one vote per

                       member.  The children (up to age 18) of an adult member are considered members under their

                       parent's membership and are not entitled to voting privileges.


Memberships dues are paid annually on the anniversary of joining.

 Please Note - There will be a $1.00 handling fee applied to your PayPal enrollment.


Join/Renew, Single Membership, 1 Year, $15




Join/Renew, Single Membership, 2 Years, $30




Join/Renew, Family Membership, 1 Year, $25




Join/Renew, Family Membership, 2 Years, $50




 Thank you for supporting the Northern Nevada Bluegrass Association!

Our membership coordinator will contact you soon..



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