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Bird's Eye View of Washoe Valley

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Washoe Lake runs north-to-south in Washoe Valley.  A freeway, I580, runs down the western side of the lake.  Eastlake Blvd runs along the eastern side of the lake.  Washoe Lake State Park Entrance is located off of Eastlake Blvd, toward the southern end of the lake.  


Washoe Lake State Park is the location for the Jam Camp and the Chuckwagon Supper.  The group camping area ("the Pavilion") is the only camping area that allows 24-hour-a-day jamming.   Loop A in this campground is open and has full hookups (but no jamming).  Loop B is closed for repairs.  

NOTE: If you are coming to the Pavilion for an event such as the Jam Camp or the Chuckwagon Supper, there is a Ranger kiosk at the park entrance.  You will need to pay a $5  Day Use fee, unless you already have a camping ticket on your dashboard.  We've tried to figure out a way to pre-pay the Park, but they won't allow that.  

Close-up of Washoe Lake State Park

map for dummies.jpg
Washoe Lake State Park
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