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38th Annual Bowers Mansion Bluegrass Festival

Friday, Aug. 23 to Sunday, Aug. 25, 2024




​We can’t do this Festival without Volunteers!  Volunteers are THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that we have to get right!  We are committed to making the Volunteer experience fun and rewarding.  NOTE: Our Liability Insurance requires all Volunteers to be NNBA Members.


​For 2024, we ask Volunteers to commit to 6 hours, spread out into 2-hour (or more) shifts over the 4 days of the event. 


What do you get for volunteering?

  • One All Access Pass (good for all performances)

  • a free dinner on Friday (“kick off day”)

  • a 2024 T-shirt

  • snacks and water

  • Additionally, we hold two parties for the Volunteers – one before the Festival (Orientation) and one after (Celebration). 

   Your hours can be organized into 2-hour (or longer) shifts in the following

   categories (must meet a minimum commitment of 6 hours):

  • Friday – Set Up Crew at Washoe Lake State Park, starting at 1pm.  Duties include making signs, marking campsites, setting up the pavilion, driving Shuttle Van, etc.

  • Friday – Set Up Crew at Bowers Park, 9am - 2pm.  Duties include lifting and carrying heavy objects, setting-up canopies, tables, hanging banners, decorating the stage etc.  Morning coffee & pastries, as well as lunch is provided for this crew.  

  • Saturday – Festival Day, starting at 8am.  Duties include light lifting, organizing and selling merchandise, handling money, managing devices (phones, ipads, credit card readers, etc.), greeting customers, driving golf cart or Shuttle Van, staffing the Petting Zoo or the Raffle Tent, wrist-banding, traffic control, running errands, etc.  Some duty stations do not have a view of the stage.  

  • Sunday – 9am - 2pm same duties as Saturday 

  • Sunday - Tear-Down crew, starting at 4pm - take down all equipment and pack into vehicles - many hands make light work!  


      Contact your friends and sign up together! 

      When you're ready to Volunteer, send an email to info@nnba or call


                                            Thank you! 

                                            Cindy Gray

                                            Volunteer Coordinator

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