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2024 Board Election

Voting begins Feb. 1st.  You will need your NNBA Member Number to cast your ballot

Our Bylaws require us to hold an election each year to select a seven member Board of Directors.  Terms are for 1 year, and Directors may serve consecutive terms (provided they're elected each year). Serving on the Board is fun and informative.  You'll work as a member of a team that puts together amazing musical gatherings, and you're guaranteed to learn a lot about Bluegrass music!

Online voting begins on Feb. 1st, and ballots may be cast up to 1pm on Feb. 17.  Paper ballots will be available at the Annual Meeting on Sat. Feb. 17.  Election results will be announced at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting.    

And the candidates are (click to see full size)

2024 NNBA Board Candidate bios.jpg
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