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What the heck is a JAMBOT?


But, advanced players deserve to have a jam of their own, too!  Well, thanks to the Friendly Jambot, we now have an Advanced Jam here in Reno -- the Reno Invitational Pub Jam, every Thursday, at Ceol Irish Pub, 410 California Street, 6 - 8pm.  


The Jambot randomly selects 5 DIFFERENT players each week.  Players must be well versed in Bluegrass music and able to play -- from memory (or improvise appropriately) -- any tune called.  No song sheets or music stands, acoustic instruments only.  Providing solid rhythm, playing lead solos, singing leads and/or harmony, and understanding "Jam Etiquette" are all desired skills, and the Jambot uses a very sophisticated algorithm to find players that match two or more of these criteria. 

This jam is very unique.  You've probably heard the terms, "Beginner" and "All Level" used to describe jams here in our area.  We have a lot of them, and they are "just right" for many pickers.  

Jambot's Picks for the Thursdays in May!

Spectators Welcome! 
It's Always a Great Show!  
Great Brews & Spirits!

Think you've got the chops to have your data input into the Jambot?   Contact Neil Linden today!

Home Page of the Reno Invitational Pub Jam - See who's playing each week!

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